The Willson Church Planting Fund

The Allison and Sandy Willson Church Planting Fund has been established out of gratitude to our Lord for the faithful ministry of the Willsons to Second Presbyterian Church from 1995 until 2017 and particularly honors Sandy for his leadership in the establishment of the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation. Second Presbyterian Church has historically been a church planting church. From 1870 until 1988, the church undertook 10 church plants; during Sandy’s tenure, six church plants were initiated.

Church planting is among the more unique contributions that he brought to Second, giving her a deeper vision for the missional opportunities of church planting. Therefore, the Foundation has established a fund that is reflective of his legacy; the purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to church planting efforts at home and around the world that are strategic, missional, and reformed in character.

The Foundation welcomes the receipt of funds from members of Second and the community at large for the purpose of providing support for the Willson Church Planting Fund, as the Foundation and church are interested in augmenting and strengthening opportunities for church planting.

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