Current Giving


Gifts in memory of a spouse or another individual is a method of giving used by members and non-members. They are given directly to the Foundation or to the Church and then transferred to the Foundation.

Lump Sum Gifts

These funds are gifts that are given in isolated patterns, such as a windfall gift. An individual may give more than one lump sum gift over a period of time, however there is no planned schedule of disbursement of those gifts.

Charitable Gift Annuities

These funds are gifts that provide annuitant(s) fixed payments for the life of one or two people. Rates are established based on age(s). At the end of the life of the annuitant(s), the Foundation receives the remaining value.

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Consistent Gifts through the Church

These funds are given on a regular basis to the church and directed to the Foundation.


These are funds that are pledged directly to the Foundation and have a payment schedule attached.

Charitable Lead or Remainder Trusts

These funds are donated by tailoring a trust to benefit a charity at a specific point in time.


Stocks are transferred and immediately converted to cash. These may come directly to the Foundation or be donated through 2PC (and the proceeds from the sale then be transferred to the Foundation).

Real Estate

Property is transferred to the Second Presbyterian Church Realty Foundation, converted to cash, and transferred to the Foundation.

Life Insurance

The Foundation is made the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Donor Advised

These funds are given following a signed agreement between the donor and the Foundation. The donor assents to the terms and provisions of the agreement.

Youth Stewardship Funds

These funds are given as part of the Seed Money program designed for youth who have joined the church, through their senior year in high school.


The following is a description of how the funds are received. They may be designated or undesignated.

Recorded Wills

An individual has formally notified the Foundation that it is included in his or her will.

Unrecorded Bequest

The Foundation is notified that it is a named recipient in a will.

Life Insurance

The Foundation is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Estate Residual

This is property held in trust until another event, like the death of the spouse occurs.

Payable on Death

The Foundation is listed as the P.O.D. on accounts such as IRAs or annuities.