Seed Money: Youth Stewardship Fund


Start your lifetime stewardship well.

Joining the church is likely the first time that you take a personal vow. At this significant time in your life as a church member, the Foundation wants to encourage you with a tangible opportunity to continue to learn and grow in the excellence of generosity, which has been so graciously poured out on all followers of Christ.

How does it work?

When you complete the Youth Inquirers class and join the church, the Foundation will donate $250 to an account labeled the “The Your Name Stewardship Fund.” Students are encouraged to initially contribute at least $50 and up to a suggested amount of $250 to their Fund. Then, at least annually until you graduate from high school, you select qualified charities to receive distributions from your Fund.

You can always contribute more to your Fund. You may wish to contribute a portion of any money earned or received as a gift. Your grandparents and parents can give directly to your Fund, so your Fund keeps growing and you have more to give away.

Foundation Contribution

Your Optional Contribution

Your Stewardship Fund

How is Student Ministries involved?

The Student Ministry staff is involved in several ways:

  • Teaching on lifetime stewardship is a part of the Youth Inquirers Class and Stewardship season, among other times

  • Group meetings for students with an account will be held by the youth staff to assist with questions about your grant recommendations

  • Youth staff and interns serve as mentors on lifetime stewardship

  • Grants may be made by you to ministry partners that you may know personally through your volunteer service, often coordinated through Student Ministries

How is your family involved?

Your parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate by having conversations about philanthropy; attending any values-based joint sessions offered by Student Ministries; matching contributions that you or others make to your Fund; or volunteering when appropriate with you in ministries to which you make grants.

Continuing your Fund

Prior to your high school graduation you will decide what happens with your Fund. You can grant out the remaining balance to ministries of your choice, donate the balance to the Foundation, or achieve a balance of $1,000 and qualify to continue your charitable giving through your own Donor Advised Fund, administered through the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation.